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A Continuous Commitment To Nature And The Environment: Kikkoman’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Story

A Continuous Commitment to Nature and the Environment: Kikkoman’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Story

If you are a seasoned grocery shopper or cook, you would be familiar with the brand name Kikkoman—a leading Japanese food manufacturer best known for its soy sauce.

Its local manufacturing facility, Kikkoman Singapore, was established in 1983.

But aside from being a popular and esteemed soy sauce manufacturer, there is perhaps a lesser-known side to Kikkoman: its CSR efforts, which are closely tied to its environmental philosophy.

Last Friday, Kikkoman Singapore donated S$0.5 million to Gardens by the Bay for the development of Kingfisher Wetlands.

A snapshot at the Kingfisher Cascades Zone at the Kingfisher Wetlands (SOURCE: GARDENS BY THE BAY)

A symbolic cheque presentation took place at the Gardens from Mr Hironari Abe, Managing Director of Kikkoman Singapore to Mr Felix Loh, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gardens by the Bay. This sponsorship celebrates Kikkoman’s 35 years of friendship with Singapore.

As a nature sanctuary, Kingfisher Wetlands contributes to the environment in terms of carbon sequestration and storage with the presence of mangroves. Mangroves take in carbon and are a natural way of reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Moreover, they are known to be able to sequester more carbon than rainforests.

Firefly Mangroves at Kingfisher Wetlands (SOURCE: GARDENS BY THE BAY)

In a pre-recorded speech, Mr Osamu Mogi, Director and Senior Executive Corporate Officer of Kikkoman Corporation, touched on the important role that aquatic plants in the Gardens play in providing clean water—through cleansing water run-off. He also mentioned that water is crucial to Kikkoman’s business as its soy sauce is produced using water of the highest quality. Therefore, recognising how essential water is, Kikkoman was pleased to make this donation.

Elaborating on the reason for the sponsorship, Mr. Mogi said that Kikkoman strives to uphold its philosophy of maintaining harmony with the environment. Supporting the development of Kingfisher Wetlands is aligned with Kikkoman’s CSR policy, which upholds values such as improving society and protecting the environment and water.

Such sponsorships are not new for Kikkoman, who has had a long history of supporting nature and environmental causes. In November 2010, Kikkoman marked its 25th anniversary celebrations in Singapore by donating S$1 million to the Garden City Fund for the development of Kingfisher Lake at the Gardens. In 2015, it made a S$0.5 million contribution to the development of the Sungei Buloh Wetlands Mangrove Arboretum.

Mileage is honoured to have been a part of Kikkoman’s publicity efforts for all three events. Through its consistent dedication to nature and environmental causes that are closely tied to its philosophy and even business, Kikkoman has shown us what good CSR is.

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