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MALAYSIA – RAPR Mileage Executed Social Media Campaign For Visa To Reassure Public On Security Of Visa PayWave

MALAYSIA – RAPR Mileage Executed Social Media Campaign for Visa to Reassure Public on Security of Visa payWave

RAPR Mileage ran a PR campaign for its long-term client, Visa International, to counter social media rumours that the Visa payWave is not safe for use as it can be easily hacked with a contactless reader. RAPR did this by educating the public that Visa payWave is indeed secure, and that the rumours were baseless and unfounded.

RAPR engaged eight social media influencers including lifestyle and tech bloggers and one online portal to promote a number of key messages on the security aspects of Visa payWave. One of the key messages was to highlight the benefits of using Visa payWave. An educational video was also produced to show that it is impossible for thieves to “steal” cardholders’ information from Visa payWave cards.

Over a period of two months, these bloggers featured these messages on their well-followed blogs. This campaign was very important and was successful in helping to counter the rumours that Visa payWave is unsafe and the cards’ information can easily be hacked.

Visa payWave continues to be a very popular method of payment for cardholders in Malaysia due to its convenience and safety. Through the joint efforts of RAPR and the client, the number of monthly transactions through Visa payWave locally has exceeded 2 million in February this year and it is still growing in double digit range monthly.

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