An enriching experience at a shariah compliant ceremony

It’s not your normal PR event when Walton, our client, had its investment products endorsed by the Financial Shariah Advisory and Consultancy (FSAC) at a local hotel recently.

FSAC is a board that creates awareness and promotion of Islamic banking and finance.

Because of the presence of the predominantly Muslim audience comprising community leaders, Islamic scholars and Walton’s Muslim investors, the ceremony incorporated several features benefiting the occasion.

It was preceded by a Qasidah music performance, a popular form of Arabic entertainment, followed by an opening prayer, the ceremony and a closing prayer. The reception that ensued featured halal refreshments.

The tone of the ceremony was respectful throughout.

We had the opportunity to interact with key representatives of the Muslim community, an occurrence that does not happen often. By doing so, we gained deep insights into the Islamic procedures of a Muslim ceremony and the criteria needed for products or services to be shariah compliant.

Overall, it was an enriching experience.

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