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Finishing First In Financial PR

Finishing First in Financial PR

We often get the question: How do we manage investor relations and financial/fintech clients and add value to their business?

Having two senior management personnel (Chairman and Executive Director) with a background in financial institutions, the Mileage Communications Group has extensive experience in financial and investor relations since its inception. With the understanding of what clients really want, this allows Mileage Communications to deliver quality service that boosts the brand reputation and perception of our clients to their stakeholders. Over the years, the Group has had clients such as Meiban Group, Kori Holdings, QT Vascular, Chew’s Eggs, Sysma, Figtree Holdings, and Stamford Tyres.

Mileage Communications is no stranger to big projects in the financial space. In 2016, Mileage Communications was tasked by The Association of Banks in Singapore to launch and publicise PayNow — an electronic funds transfer feature which is now ubiquitous in Singapore. This innovative service allowed for funds transfers by users of seven participating banks, and did not require users to undergo the hassle of physically exchanging bank account details. They only need to register their NRIC or mobile phone number to use PayNow.


In 2017, Mileage Communications furthered this publicity drive and helped launch PayNow Corporate, which enabled instant payments to be made with and between businesses, corporates, and government agencies.

In recent times, the Singapore government has placed a strong emphasis on promoting digital transformation. This digital push has driven artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, and the Internet of Things to the forefront of the national agenda. In 2020, Mileage raised the profile of Hashstacs, a Singaporean fintech development firm, that provides enterprise blockchain solutions to help banks and stock exchanges increase operational efficiency in the clearing and settlement process.

Another interesting product handled by Mileage Communications is the SPDR Gold Shares, which is part of the exchange-traded funds (ETFs) managed and marketed by State Street Global Advisors (SSGA). Mileage was tasked to organise the launch of the product on behalf of SSGA and the World Gold Council, and with its successful launch, the scope of work was then extended to publicising the product to stock broking houses and investors. Gold ETFs, like the SPDR Gold Shares, can be bought like shares on a stock exchange without amassing physical gold. This saves on storage cost and the security risk of holding physical gold. Today, the SPDR Gold ETF is one of the most popular stocks on the Singapore Exchange.

At Mileage Communications, the constant drive to go the extra mile makes it such that we learn about exciting innovations in the financial/fintech space which impact the lives of people. We are often privileged to hear about first-hand information before the public, and that, above everything else, brings us joy.

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