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Mileage Communications And PRGN (Public Relations Global Network), One Of The World’s Leading PR Agency Networks, Are Delighted To Announce The Election Of New Officers, Including A New President.

Mileage Communications and PRGN (Public Relations Global Network), one of the world’s leading PR agency networks, are delighted to announce the election of new officers, including a new President.

Our Chairman, Mr. Yap Boh Tiong attended the network’s recent bi-annual meeting in Toronto, Canada. During the meeting, members of PRGN elected C.L. Conroy of Miami-based The Conroy Martinez Group, as its new President for the next 12 months. Conroy will take over from Christina Rytter of Danish agency Scandinavian Communications, while Aaron Blank of the Fearey Group takes up the role of President-elect.

Mileage Communications would like to offer our congratulations and support to C.L. Conroy (pictured left). C.L. said, “With 51 agencies on six continents, the network is as strong as ever. We are excited to offer multi-disciplinary firms in practically every corner of the world helping our clients have a global footprint wherever they need it.”

C.L.’s comment underlines the main benefit of working with PR agencies that belong to PRGN. Establishing close, personal relationships with all 51 independent agency partners around the world gives us local insights and support in all major markets while allowing us to serve clients however they need.

The Toronto get-together was an opportunity to reaffirm those relationships, discuss best practices in PR and explore ways of developing even more business partnerships globally. Other items on the agenda included discussion of the #metoo movement, promoting media literacy in the age of fake news, and creating a safe workplace for employees.

PRGN’s next meeting will take place in Bucharest, Romania, in October 2018 where the PRGN Awards for Excellence in Communications will also be announced.

PRGN was founded in 1990 by a group of independent PR agency owners and today has more than $101 million in revenues and approximately 1,000 professionals in 51 locations. Mileage Communications became a member of PRGN in 2008. Chairman of Mileage Communications, Mr Yap Boh Tiong said, “Joining PRGN has been important as it allows its members to share and gain knowledge. It also provides independent PR agencies to refer potential business to each other.”

If you’d like to find out more about how Mileage Communications and PRGN can help you expand into new markets, please contact us at

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