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Mileage Communications Joins Nextlaw Global Public Affairs Network – Network Created By Dentons, World’s Largest And Most Innovative Law Firm.

Mileage Communications joins Nextlaw Global Public Affairs Network – Network created by Dentons, world’s largest and most innovative law firm.


SINGAPORE:  12  October 2017 – Mileage Communications has been invited to  join the Nextlaw Global Public Affairs Network.  Nextlaw is a global public affairs referral network created by Dentons, the world’s largest and most innovative law firm. It was conceived in order to secure top public affairs talents from around the world for their clients, and will also connect reputable member public affairs firms to top law firms around the world.

                The benefit for Public affairs firms joining  Nextlaw is that they will be connected to a network closely integrated with one of the world’s largest referral networks, providing local legal expertise from Dentons or hundreds of independent firms as needed worldwide. The network will not limit the number of public affairs firms per geographical location, giving members a wider choice of referral firms with a focus on quality and experience, not exclusivity. This will enable firms of all sizes to market to clients their ability to assist clients anywhere across the globe in a cost-effective manner.

                Firms of all sizes are invited to join and take advantage of Nextlaw, and network members are free to join or belong to other networks. The network currently consists of 75 PR firms spanning 110 countries. “We don’t profess to be the people to go to anywhere around the globe, what we profess is we’re going to link you up with the people who can solve your problem,” said Joe Andrew, Global Chairman of Dentons, “We’re winners if we do that”.

                Mileage Communications was invited to join Nextlaw due to its stellar track record in managing issues and crises for more than twenty years, across different industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Shipping, Hospitality, Travel, and Construction.  Mr Yap Boh Tiong, Group Chairman of Mileage Communications was involved in handling the crisis response during the Islamabad Marriott Hotel bombing in Pakistan. He flew to Islamabad on short notice to assist the Marriott management team.

                Mileage was also involved in handling the crisis response for a Hong Kong chemical tanker which collided with a car carrier in Busan. The chemical tanker, Maritime Maisie, was carrying over 30,000t of hazardous chemicals when it caught fire and threatened to break up at sea. It drifted into Japanese waters where it burned for 19 days. The Mileage team including its Korea office, earned accolades from the client for its professionalism in handling such a major incident.

                Mr. Yap said, “The invitation from Nextlaw is a testament to our track record in crisis management. We are honoured to be invited to be a member of Nextlaw”











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