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 Our Clients/ Accolades

We service present and past clients in diverse sectors.

Our Clients


I just wanted to say thank you for your support of our business. It is very much appreciated. In particular your strength and guidance with Kevin in this defining period but as always. This commitment often goes unheralded but please don't underestimate our appreciation. Keep the Faith

Thank you for your partnership to reach Elixir Medical's target audiences on social media this year. We learnt a lot and made progress for which I am grateful.

Good training, well organised and the role play helps to prepare us to face the media.

Asia Pacific Precious Metals Conference (APPMC) managed to stand on the center stage with your help. We really appreciate your effort putting on APPMC, and it was very exciting and educational working with you.

Thanks again and looking forward to working with you again.

I have lost track with all the nice work that you have been doing to help promote media literacy. Thanks! It has been a great pleasure working with you.

Thank you Mileage! Appreciate the thoroughness in addressing each item.

Want to say a big heartfelt thanks to you and your team! You guys have been a great help and even in the post follow up as well.

“On behalf of MSI and IMC Industrial Group, I would like to express our sincere and heartfelt appreciation for your contributions leading to the successful and safe salvage of the Maritime Maisie… you were on a speed dial and reacted quickly upon the eruption of the crisis.”

Thanks for the fantastic work in working with the Shell team in preparing and executing the profiling of this launch event with the media. We have seen a good coverage coming in to date.

Mileage has done a tremendous job for Amadeus Vienna in Singapore.

Know you guys are working very hard, and appreciate the events listing and the many publications pitched to interview our speakers. Big thank you and good work done so far!

Thank you so much for the continued, detailed coverage! Please let me stress again how pleased we were with your assistance – absolutely could not have gone into the local market without you! Thanks!

Well done to everyone at Mileage for being hardworking and quick to see the opportunity! Keep up the good work!

I like to express my appreciation for an excellent planning and delivery of the crisis management training for myself and my team of senior executives.

We have learned a great deal from this one-day programme as you have meticulously planned the programme to suit our needs. The scenarios that you have created were well researched to achieve the “3 S” impact – Shock, Shake and Shape our thoughts about handling a crisis.

Special thanks goes to Patsy for being such a tough reporter throughout the training to toughen us during the interviews and also not forgetting the ever so helpful Jacqueline.

Thanks for all your help in setting up all the interviews for Jan de Laat. I have received feedback that he is very happy with all the media profiling. Thanks for all the hard work. 

Good job and thank you very much for your effort. Many thanks for organising such a smooth set of media contacts. The press coverage seems to be multiplying after the trip, with other Asian papers and periodicals picking up on the events in Singapore! 

You guys have done a great job for SSgA and WGC. Well done! 

Thank you very much for your professional assistance that you have extended to Baxter during the past several press events, especially this vaccine piece.  We do have a few AP colleagues from Singapore and they recognize the fact that it is fairly difficult to engage TV interview in S'pore. And you did it!! Through the various PR projects, you have helped the company enhance our profile in S'pore and the region. 

The most inventive and pleasurable one has to be Mileage Communications’ launch of the Omazz luxury bedding boutique. The agency organised a ‘road test’ of the Omazz mattress by giving journalists a two-night stay at the Ritz! Extremely effective and memorable. 

Thank you for your support for 2005. Without Mileage, Fujitsu Asia’s brand position would not be where it is today. A big THANK YOU for your contribution in many areas, particularly in the last couple of months on many case studies (for which we were required to churn out 8 in a month and you made it possible with your professionalism and excellent service).  

The stories are very positive and balanced and is a good first step for us. The BT article seems the most comprehensive and is the most important, as it targets the business community. The fact that it made the headlines is certainly a great bonus.   

We would rate Mileage 10 out of 10 – they are one of the best!


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